Our Story

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We are a group of entrepreneurs who came together when the Cloud became a serious technology tool for businesses.

IoTDot4 supports its customers to build their Business DNA in the Cloud, using business engineering, the key capability to deliver customised business solutions for smart operations, business model enhancement and new business model creation.

Our professional experience spans nearly three decades and enables us with the unique capacity of having deep vertical and horizontal understanding of the impact of business solutions to deliver within time-to-market and shareholder value under the desired change management conditions. As we use an international team of functional experts we are able to compete on any required level of expertise, insight and delivery for clients on a global scale.

Our professional opinion on enterprise-wide solutions is to use business events as the main driver for business as opposed to transactional data – not from one monolithic application, but rather orchestrated from all devices, people, systems, data sources, Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This systems approach lends to proper risk approaches for enterprise wide change programs.

Business Event Orchestration requires a fundamental understanding of data from its physical construction, to having a Board of Directors interpreting the impact of decisions using data. We grow our clients data competency as part of the journey of change.

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