AI & Bespoke Algorithm Design


Make Decisions with Confidence

AI is having a profound impact on customer experience, revenue, operations, risk management and other business functions across multiple industries. When fully operationalised, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enable organisations to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented levels of speed, transparency, and accountability. This dramatically accelerates digital transformation initiatives delivering greater performance and a competitive edge to organisations.

AI Bot Technology

SUE is a technology that allows experts to transfer their knowledge to computers. This gives the organisation the ability to replicate the decisioning performance of the top experts throughout the organisation. SUE then allows the company to manage outcomes and adjust the model to its changing needs. Virtual experts have near limitless capacity and can be integrated and deployed anywhere and in any operational environment.


The Ability to Rapidly Create and Deploy Virtual Experts

A Sue virtual expert is built in 4 easy steps:

technology (7).png

Specify  what the decision is and what questions you would ask to make the decision

technology (8).png

Teach Sue will ask you numerous configurations of your questions to find your underlying rules.

technology (9).png

Calibrate. Optimize your bot to suit your needs


Distribute the model throughout your organisation so everyone can benefit from your judgement.


Manage Your Model

1. Change old decisions to influence behaviour.


2. Add importance to neglected variables.

3. Remove human bias to align decisions to strategy.

4. Learn the hidden rules that guide ‘expert opinion’ in your             organisation.

5. All with an easy graphic interface.

Make Processes Transparent

1. Learn what the unconscious processes are in expert decision making.


2. Make those decisions transparent to the board.

3. Justify those decisions to regulators.

4. Change the way they are made in accordance with new



Sue has built in graphic presentations of your decision structure

that allow you to:

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Sue & Maths

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