Business Intelligence Reporting


Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, and we’re generating more of it than ever.

Amassing mountains of digital information isn’t much use unless organisations are able to make sense of it. That’s where Business Intelligence Software comes in.

For businesses who want more reporting power and analytical muscle than that offered by Excel. If your business would like to assemble, scrutinise, and visualise data from across the company, giving you greater insight into your operations and performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions based on real data, then look no further.

IotDot4 would like to assist your company to achieve just that!


What are the benefits?

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All Your Data in One Place. Power BI connects into pretty much any application or data source. Whether your database is held on premise or in the cloud, Power BI allows you to safely and securely pull that data together. To name but a few data sources (as there are literally hundreds) you have access to sources like Github, Google Analytics, SQL, Azure, Mailchimp & Excel Spreadsheets.

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Bespoke Dashboards & Reports. We can assist you to create customised dashboards binging multiple datasets together. Whether these are dashboards for your eyes only or to share on the screen on the wall it gives a clean and accurate insight into the business.

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Ask Questions. For a long time data has been something for the IT team to handle. Interested parties would ask the questions, then someone would go an dig out the answer. Not anymore! You are able to ask real spoken languages of your data and in seconds receive the data to answer your questions.

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Informed Decisions Wherever You Are. With real time information you are able to make fast and accurate decisions about the business. With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android mean that you can view your Mobile Optimised reports and dashboards from wherever you like. Ultimate visibility and control over your business.

Thinking about implementing a platform to help you pluck useful, actionable insight from your data?


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