Event Platform

Get More Info From Your Realtime Data

Detect and Respond To Critical Events with XMPro’s Event Intelligence Platform.

Create a Real-Time Control Room for Your Operations

Build Real-Time Event-Driven Applications in 3 Simple Steps

Create Data Streams to integrate your data sources & orchestrate the data flow

Design visualisations for a real-time view of your operations

Create prescriptive recommendations that trigger when critical events happen

Who Uses XMPro Event Intelligence?


Operations Managers

Plant Engineers

IT Teams

Real-time insights into operations

Identify bottlenecks in your operations

Build own applications

Easily deploy integrations

Scale Digital Transformation

Avoid getting blindsided by critical events

Capture expert knowledge

Keep data safe and secure

Build Your Event Intelligence Applications with XMPro

Condition Monitoring

Operational Intelligence

Predictive Maintenance

Smart Contracts

Asset Performance Management

Digital Twins

Watch Demo Video

Learn how XMPRO can help you detect and respond to critical events in real-time without having to look at data in twenty different systems.


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