Microsoft Teams - Customise and Extend



Microsoft Partner

Customise Teams with Tabs, Connectors and Bots


Many of you use other services than Office 365 as well which results in you having to jump between and spend time in disparate experiences.


We built Teams to not only be the hub for Office 365 services, but for all the services and tools teams use on a day to day basis. So, you can customise Teams with tabs, connector and bots to include the apps and services you need, like GitHub and Trello that can be included in Teams. Microsoft has integrations with over 150 partners.


For the developer community, Microsoft has created an extensible platform, to enable building apps and to integrate with business processes

Customise and extend collaboration

Tailor your workspace to include apps and services your team needs...


Pin important files for easy reference in the workspace


Add bots that work on your team’s behalf


Integrate 3rd party services your team uses daily


Search across people, files, and chats


Manage trusted apps for employees and your organisation