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Create Intuitive, High-level Models of Your Process. From Data that is Already in Your IT Systems. Effortless Transparency.

Process Mining & Analytics
Process Mining & Analytics
Event Platforms
Event Platform

Detect and Respond To Critical Events with

 Event Intelligence Platforms, and Create a Real-Time Control Room for Your Operations.

Business Process Simulation
Business Process Simulation

Business Process Models Created with the Highest Quality in Record Time. Models can be Created with an Interface That can be Used by Anyone or we can Provide the Model Interpretation to Support Your Company Goals.

Cloud Computing Platforms, like Azure, Tend to be Less Expensive and More Secure, Reliable, and Flexible Than On-premises Servers.

Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform

IoTDot4 is a Proud Silver Microsoft Partner, Which Allows us as a CSP (Cloud Service Provider), to Offer Microsoft Products Such as, Office, Projects, PowerBi, Business Central, and Many More..

Microsoft CSP
Microsoft CSP
AI & Bespoke 
Algorithm Design
AI & Bespoke Algorithm Design

AI Bot Technology That Allows Experts to Transfer Their Knowledge to Computers. 

Cloud Change Management
Cloud Change Management Platform

A Cloud Platform to Assist Your Organisation in Planning, Mapping, Managing, Tracking and Reporting Organisational Changes That Result From Change Management Initiatives, Major Projects, Personnel Changes or Other Factors.

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